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An 'a' is born:
« on: October 14, 2018, 12:53:57 pm »
Yeah, and I'm pretty sure I was young back then (whimsical but nonetheless serious) [math expressions where applicable] (a=0-12)

'a'=me and 'b' =mom, therefore c=2. It is to my every sense that 'b' is older than 'a'. ergo: a+b=c

But I was but days old back then... still wet behind the ears, and not much of a backbone to do with, me thinks.

OMG!!! MOMMA!!! I can walk, talk and poop, just like the best of'em.

OMG!!! MOMMA!!! why are people mean to each other?

Yeah, but I'm still just a snotty-nosed little military-brat of 4 (+/- 1) years.... in this particular instance. Yep, about 4, or so, years of age.

OMG!!! MOMMA!!! NO! I don't wanna go to school!... two weeks of THAT is two weeks too much! Really? for the next t h i r t e e n  y e a r s ? !

Still just a kid, a=kid, and b=MOMMA!!! or b=school or b=everything else. a+b=c.

This time period includes every year, up to and including age 12. Then the hormones kicked in... which is another story, with it own tile: Young adult (a=13-29). {I do hereby reserve the right to edit, at anytime, the content of these postings.} (ditto for full-on revisions, cuz I reserve the rights fer that too!) {you'll notice that, regardless of how old I get, I simply refuse to grow-up.}

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