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Preface: / Re: Disclosure 1: a=a, a=1
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 22, 2018, 09:51:23 am »
Q chart: cheat=v2; q=12 and p=p*p=p~=q~

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Q chart: presentation; q~=q~=12+v3=13=q~
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And there are four reserve letters for the Universal Math nth chart represents. 12+4=16=nth~. Chart Supreme Universal Maxima. or SUM~ THE END... when that chart shows up, and we ain't nowhere nears: SUM, beach... just sayin' c chart=c charts~=(c+c)+(c*c)=c chart~ (c3~.
Preface: / Re: Disclosure 1: a=a, a=1
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 22, 2018, 09:22:30 am »
This is a blank presentation k chart. It represents 6 vector points: vs~, vf~, vg~, vh~, vt~ and vk~, and k~=6.72=k~

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This is the handiest cheat-chart for k~, which is the carry-over to q (Q) charts... found in the next post.

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Preface: / Introduction: a=a=1+b=a=b=f
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 18, 2018, 02:11:26 pm »
Where a=chris dowdle and b=you=?=c, c=f if a+b=c. In as much as this whole sum of a blog is fictitious, by design and assignment... (I'm just making this stuff up, as I go along... is all I'm sayin'...) the possibility exists that, also by design, a true story is told, in print format, according to protocals: I=a=a1 made up the whole thing, myself=a=a2 and so, it was me=a=a3 who scripted, the whole thing, stuff and all. And speaking of stuff:

These are the names I can recall ever using on the internet:
Infinity3 (I3)
coolshorts (coolieo, frosty-pants, frozen-nickers, and fridged-trousers)
Zefford Plennington III
Christo Alado
Vanka Savolov and there are other names, never used as a member's name but were portrayed by me, that fall under: Applied Theatrics, accent on the 'trics as in; the-trics;

Yorbert Bennington Thursgoode II; et al... There are 35 characters each with an alter-ego, that need to be named, and I'll just add the above mentioned board-names to list this cast of characters. in alphabetical order:

Administrator, Christo Alado, coolshorts, coolshortz, Infinity3, Jazzred, Vanka Savolov, weaselbrain, Yorbert Bennington Thursgoode II and Zefford Plennington III.

Christo Alado:
Vanka Savolov:
Yorbert Bennington Thursgoode II:
Zefford Plennington III: And for the sake of simplicity, I choose to leave out, for now the other 25 characters comprising: Applied Theatrics al la a=a3, a2 and a1.

There are ten (10) characters on *that* list:a~ or a3xa3=c=9=a~+a=t+t=c=2k5~ The values here assume the charted s~ as 1+.3 that ~ value of .3 which has carried over here to these characters mathematical values.

The: 2k5~ = 11.67 actual value. That's approaching twelve (12) or as the star-chart indicates, there are 12 circles of various proportions. 12 is -k~x-p~=c=140.04/z3=k~... but we haven't gone passed -k~x-p6=c/y2=5.3=k~, in fact, we've barely gotten started. -2p3, still rules the day/nights, and etc..

Preface: / Re: Disclosure 1: a=a, a=1
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 17, 2018, 06:23:07 pm »
(Fantasy Math): A brief summation; There are four charts listed and the first chart equals 7 levels starting @ -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 The negative numbers will always sign with -. -p6=six levels of 'evil' or six levels of debt or six levels of pooping/farting... I donno, if it 'stinks' *it* fits on the negative side, below the 'zero'... it's all negative, a=you.

In a twist of shear fabrication, I devised a way to "beat-the-odds".... maybe it's cheating, maybe it's not... It seems that I made the zero-line fatter than the other lines, there's something about digitized charts, they skew a bit--plus the addition of line-thickness I managed to weasel out of the chart a v=.15 and v=.23 gain, where c=.15 and c=.23 and c+c=.28=c. c=c.28 =c~+t=k~ or k=k5.3 or k5~=k~.

The compressed chart of the first, the chart minus the double negative c where c=-c2. (I removed -c2 and charted only positive numbers. This chart has three vector points: @ vf=2.55, vg=3.15 and vz=4.2 and so c=vf+vg+vz=c/y=c-y=c=.3 or c~. And since I like to cheat, I added that .3 between the zero-line and the negative 1 line. Plus I've included the .3 in c5~ which is equal to k~.

Preface: / Re: Disclosure 1: a=a, a=1
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 17, 2018, 02:19:14 pm »
(Fantasy Math)-Primitive charts indicated a negative far worse than initially estimated... by a factor of 3. -2p3  or -p6 or p~, all represent a "better outlook" regards the fact that it could be worse... much worser... more worse than worser, the worstierest. I'm trying real hard to NOT make the "zeros" look too obvious... well, do you see any zeros on the chart? (there are no zeros is all I'm saying... just really big circles, and one of them, just inside the red one is the only true and factual representative of "zero (0)" within the double stars or anywhere on the page.) Ya, huh. And all the variables have been reassigned, and they are no longer in sequence: e.g.; d, e, f, g, h. These have been reassigned to: u=-c1, s=c1, f=c2, y=c3 & g=c3, h=c4 & z=c4, t=c5 and where k=c5~

Operand - (negative) within: light-blue; u-t should read u+t, as u=-1, -1=u. Therefor u+t+s=t
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A lot of special notes here: the '~' sign indicates tabulated numbers exceeding 0 and/or 1 There's a 'fudge number'--in favor of the houze, equal to c=.3 and where every '~' suffix requires that a c+.3 is added to the various assignments, like in this formula where c=s~

-p+u=-c=-2 or c=-f and where if: -f+u+c=k then k=-f+f2=f and -fxu=f=-f+g~=s~, -f+g~=s~, s~=s+.3=s~

There's nothing like a good (re)assignment, like maybe the rose & light-gray lines could indicate dimensional shifts, from 3-D to 4-D and 3-D to 5=D, irrespective of each other. Somebody wanted ice cream?! (or maybe it represents the projected price of ice cream over five years, one never knows, until an assignment has been made. Like: -p= debt, puzzles, people, anything stinky/negative, up to the sixth power... that's a lot of stink... yes it is... El Maximus Oderuos:

-2p6. And it can only get worse, here I'll show you: -2p6+u=-2p6~=p~ (or -p~=-p7, but we don't wanna go there, right? Cuz p~ could go: -2p7xy=c in a minute or -6p7~=-p~)
Creative arts: / Games created by a=a. a=1:
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 17, 2018, 10:14:39 am »
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Preface: / Disclaimer: a=a, a=1.
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 16, 2018, 09:28:37 am »
The terms: Applied Theatrics and Story Math/(Fantasy Math), are complete fabrications. Fictitious: where a=you and b=fictitious and where a+b=c=g, g=(a+b) (c=c3=g)

Applied Theatrics: where a=applied theatrics, and b=a=b2=you+others: a+b2=c=t, t=a+b2=c5=t)

Story Math: where a=story math, and b=a and a=you and where b=b2=everything else. (c=c=z) z=(a2+b2) or 2+2=4=c=c4=z)

(Fantasy Math): a=you and b=(Fantasy Math)=c=c+d=t or c=c5

The telling of this story, therefore has two subsets where a=g and b=z and a+b=c or g+z=c=h=(a+b+b2) (c=c4=h)

And for effect: I shall introduce 'c3' as in c=ci3 where i=infinity3, and where ci3=c=(a+b+c)=ci3, and ci3=y (ci3=c3=y).

The formula: h-z=c, means what? The telling of a story, without Story Math. where z=story math, ergo: z-h=c=0=c (4-4=0) and where...
(f+g)+(z-h))=c... and adding c to c gives you different sums, cuz the equations are different... and yet c+c+c+c=c. or as assigned:
c=f+c=g=t-c=z-c=h=c-3. (c=c-3=p=-3=p), Looky see... t-p=f or c=c2. f+?=?, what if, if?... iffy things are negative, like p, p=-3 or p=p3, if, if it gets out of hand... -p3+-p3=c-6 or-2p3... keeping it on the down-low... don't want negatives, above zero, so they stay below the zero-line, where negative numbers belong. (reverse/inverse=abstract=charts-plotted)

f+g=7 and where z+h=8 and so 7+8=15 or c=c15 and where c13=w and w-z=10 and 10/y=3.333, which falls short of that target where:c=c=c5. So if c=c5 is the goal, then 3.333 falls short by: a=3.333 and b=5, ergo b-a=1.667. (c=c+c+c+c/y=c~=k) where (t=target=c=c5=t)

And so if c=c3.333 then if f+g+z+h=c5 then 2+3+4+4=13/y=4.333 or +/-c=c5 or c=t-c=. As it stands:

-f+-z+h+g=c c=-3+-4+4+4=1 or c=c1. (c=c1=s) (all of this is subject to change when a not equal you and is assigned something else: a=food and b=belly where current: b-a2=c or c=s.

s=c1, f=c2, y=c3~g=c3, z=c4, k=c~, h=c4, and t=c5
Preface: / Re: Disclosure 1: a=a, a=1
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 15, 2018, 10:22:54 am »
(Story Math)-Perspective: abc, a+b=c, etc. a=you/me?=1; b=everything else=b2, unless b=a, then b=1. But it's *this* a, meaning me, whose perspective in math expressions shall flow about, yonder there, where the sun's light--breaketh through the window's square.

You were expecting too much! *I caught you in the act, of expecting too much, because absolutely none of it is required, I mean seriously, have no expectations whatsoever and I'll exceed it, every-time. a+b=c where a=a and b=the internet=b=b2.

(Fantasy Math):Did you know that if: you reassign a value of c to any letter that follows in order like the letters: d, e, f, g and h. And so if c=c then c=d, and if, c=c2 then c=e and so when c=c3 then c=f and should the if factor, cause c=c4 to happen, then c=g, can you guess that if c=c5, that it probably=h. abcdefgh 12345678 (-2-1 0 1 2 3 4 5) (543210 +/-=) <inverse/negatives>; <vector>=v, v= .28: average. if c=c4 or c=g, then g+v=c and c=4.28 and where if f=c3 and we know it does, cuz I assigned it. Well if f=c3 and c3=f then f=f and f=f+v=c and c=3.12. and of the like/kind/sort... if only...

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Preface: / Re: Disclosure 1: a=a, a=1
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 14, 2018, 06:51:44 pm »
(Fantasy Math): A chart excluding: -c.

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A string of examples of c: c=c+1=c=c2 and c=c2+1=c=c3 and c=c3+1=c=c4 and where c=c4+1=c=c5.

a=you, you=1 a=a3 by designation.

b=everything else, everything else=12 and b2xb3=b6.

c=consciousness; c=dimensions. c=sums/totals, c=events, c=the unknown, and +/- levels thereof.  +/- c=c5.

Preface: / Disclosure 1: a=a, a=1
« Last post by Chris Dowdle on October 14, 2018, 01:58:07 pm »
The sum of this board [sic] is intended to portray 'me' within a math-themed whimsical, telling-of-stories. Should you expect 'nothing' from me, then I shall exceed your expectations. The math-(Fantsy math): a+b=c, axb=c, a/b=c, a-b=c and -ax-b=c, and in every instance 'a' is present, and so is 'b' and so is 'c'. 'a' represents:+/-; extreme. And b=+/- extreme2. But still: 1+1=2 and so a+b=c...

All of that is assignable e.g.: a=a3 and where b=b3... and never forget that a & b are +/- extremes, where the later is more so. b=b3 reflects that b=b2... do the math... I'm just saying that 'a' is smaller than 'b' in every way. a=a3. is Uno Maximus personus=a or a=Uno Maximus personus. (ref.:a=a3.)

a+b=c, axb=c, a/b=c, a-b=c and -ax-b=c, if then a=1 and b=1 then 1+1=2, 1x1=1, 1/1=1 -1x-1=1 and 1-1=0.

All of the above forms a group of 5 subsets that express the abc's of math, where the most basic expression is: a+b=c. 'c' can equal 5, but neither a nor b will ever be greater that cubed: a=a3 and b=b3, respectively. c=5 by assignment, for two factors. 1. the sum of the various subset is: 5. 'c' can represent any one of, or all of these subsets. c=c1 c=c2 c=c3 c=c4 and c=c5.

So far... 'c' is no less than variable to the fifth power extreme. But at best a-b=0 before becoming a negative e.g.: a=-1 b=-1 and so c=-2.

The whole model can be expressed in image format: Interesting that 1 is surrounded by 0's... but at its bottom, it can and does drop-out, below zero, and -1 is the first number up, followed by -2. And so is; -a3x-b2=c4.

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(Fantasy Math): The sum, as stated for subsets is 5 and so c=c5, as a "target value". At present: c=-2 and c=c5 would be c=c3
actual because 5-2=3 a-b=c, ergo: c=3 on this day of 10/14/2018. The potential to reach a c=c5 is mathematically possible. Or so it seems...

Referring to the chart: -c= -1+-1=-2. To cancel that -2, one of two formulas can be considered: -cx-c2 and -a3x-b2.

The span from -2 to 5 is 7 whole units each with its own abc structure form of expression, with numbers and symbols. Having a 7 present could give way to the creating of:c=c7. But since we're stuck in c3, that c=c5 as a possible target. c=c5 could be easily cubed... but we won't go there, just yet...
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